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Business owners need to know how to advertise on Google. Take advantage of our extremely cost effective Google advertising rates today. 

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How to advertise on Google ...


It's so simple! Just create your trial account above, and within 24 hours our Google certified team will have your Google ads ready to launch. We'll email you a link to activate your ad once your account is ready. Customers search Google for the products and services you sell, and your ad appears in the search results! More Info

We offer the most cost effective Google ads management anywhere. We develop and set up your campaign for FREE, we'll manage and optimize the campaign for 7 days for only $4.99 and after that, it's $59 a month for our ongoing management - saving you hundreds and hundreds of dollars on traditional pay per click management.

In addition to our management fee, Google charges a small amount each time your ad recieves a click. You get charged by Google separately for these clicks, and you can specify exactly how much you're willing to spend each day. We'll send you a link to set up your billing info with Google once your ad campaign is ready to go live (within 24 hours of activating your trial subscription). It's this customization that makes Google advertising the most powerful advertising platform in the world - you control your budget, and you only pay for the advertising when it works! How to addvertise on Google has finally been answered for so many small business owners. More Info

The Google advertising network is the world's largest and most customizable platform for businesses of all sizes. Google gets searched literally billions of times daily, and chances are, many of these searches are for the precise products or services you sell. Having your ad at the top of these search results is by far the fastest and most cost-effective way for your business to receive immediate online exposure in a major way.Our Google certified management comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional Google ads management, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month to have Google certified experts manage and optimize your ad campaigns.

Google advertising operates on a pay per click (PPC) system. This means that you only pay Google when your ad is actually clicked on and a visitor comes to your website. No matter how many times your ad is displayed, you don't pay a penny until your ad is actually cliked on. In other words, you only pay when a customer comes to your site! The cost for each click ranges based on industry, so all you ned to do is specify your daily budget (minimum $3 per day), and we'll make sure you get the most clicks possible for your daily budget. Of course, you can adjust your daily budget whenever you'd like by simply getting in touch with us via email.

We believe in our service, and there are no long term contracts. You can easily cancel your subscription at any time - no questions asked! More Info on How To Advertise On Google

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"I was paying hundreds of dollars a month for Google ads management to my old PPC company. Now, I'm paying just $59 a month, and I'm actually getting more calls and form submissions than I was before! I couldn't be happier."

- Jacob Ganz, CEO Odradeks Coffee More Info Regarding How To Advertise On Google

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"This is a total game changer ... a completely reimagined way for small businesses to start getting online exposure and traffic to their websites fast"

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– The Problem –

Small business owners who wanted to leverage the power of pay per click advertising to drive traffic to their website had one of two options: Either hire a full service management firm for hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars per month, or take on the daunting task of learning the incredibly complex Google AdWords system themselves. So if you've been stuck wondering how to advertise on Google ... 

– The Solution –

We've created the very first self-service Adwords development system on the web. All you need to do is choose a package, fill out the forms, and our Adwords specialists will launch your campaign in a matter of hours. You'll receive beautiful, customizable performance reports right in your inbox every morning so you can easily keep track of your campaign performance.  




1. Choose a Package

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Our starter package fits the needs of most small businesses getting started with pay per click. Depending on the size and scope of your advertising campaign, you may opt for the platinum package which offers a number of additional features and services.

2. Complete the Custom Form

how do I advertise on Google?

This is the cool part! Our Google AdWords certified experts have been at this professionally for a long time, and over the years we've figured out exactly what the essential components of a successful campaign are and what features and options are just plain overkill. We've developed a simple, user-friendly form for you to fill out that will provide us with all the information we need to develop and launch your PPC campaign on Google. 

3. Grab a Bite To Eat

Sit back and relax while we develop and launch your campaigns. Our certified pros really know how to advertise on Google and we use the information you provided us (like your business information, ads, keywords, hours of operation) and geo-targeting preferences to set up your campaign for maximum ROI (return on investment). You need not even have a Google AdWords account previously .... we'll set one up for you from scratch! 

4. Enjoy the Beautiful, Easy to Understand Reports in Your Inbox Every Morning


You really want to know how your campaign is performing (like how many clicks you've received, how much those clicks are costing on average, your average ad position on the Google results pages etc.) but you really hate sifting through depressing excel spreadsheets, right? That's why we've created stunning, color-coded reports that will give you a simple snapshot of all the key data metrics that will allow you to easily assess how effective and profitable your PPC campaign is for your business.   




Guaranteed results by qualified experts who really know how to advertise on Google ... to get you the best possible results.

Welcome to the big leagues.

Millions of people are searching Google every day for the products and services you offer. Start getting found within the next few hours.

And keep in mind - with us, there are never any long-term contracts


Unique, compelling text ads are the foundation of your advertising efforts.

We offer our Google certified and award-winning Ad copy specialists at no additional fee. Or, you can write your own in the form section.


Really, it isn't for everybody ...

Only ship or service certain locations? You can specify which countries, states, cities and even counties you want to include and exclude in your campaign! And you can always tweak the list whenever you want.


Keywords ... the heart and soul of the campaign.

Your keywords allow Google to know when they should show your ad. Careful usage of the different keyword match types and intensive keyword research are integral to the ultimate success and profitability of your campaign.


We're here for you whenever you need us.

You can always change the settings of your campaigns to suit your changing advertising goals. If you want to adjust your budget, add or remove keywords, include new pricing in an ad ... just let us know and we'll take care of it. If you want us to teach you how to advertise on Google, we'll do that too!


In order to help you keep track of exactly what's going on in your campaign, we've created beautiful reports that we'll deliver to your inbox every morning that will show you all the key metrics like cost per click, number of clicks, number of impressions, click through rates and more!